Transcending Parents: A Modern Approach

At Transcendent Parenting, we recognize the many hats people wear day-to-day. To receive the support parents need in the time they have to apply it, people need access to resources that serves them in their regular routines, so their roles as parents aren’t disrupted.

We pride ourselves on our solution for a path forward for struggling families.

Transcendent Parenting Project
Transcendent Parenting Project


Discover gaps in communication styles, begin an educational process to understand family dynamics to tackle day-to-day obligations.

Transcendent Parenting Project
Transcendent Parenting Project


Encourage dynamic communication through turbulent chapters in change management for family systems. Identify problems and solutions to secure normalcy for family members.

Transcendent Parenting Project
Transcendent Parenting Project


Counselors and Coaches will begin to instruct, teach, and guide families up to 9 months. In this time, the pair will be given communication tools to overcome negativity and obstacles to establish a familial culture of problem solving.

Transcendent Parenting Project


TPP rewards outcomes with a parenting manual and certificate of achievement for working through differences and prevailing through to a communicative familial culture amongst themselves.

What You Can Expect

Benefits of Working with Transparent Parenting Project

What possible outcomes can happen when you work with counselors and licensed professionals with TPP? The benefits for your family and community is multifold.

For thousands of dollars less, minus the invasiveness of drive-to-appointment arrangements, adding the benefit of having personal coaches that tailor their program to your family’s needs – Transcendent Parenting Project seeks to walk with our clients in their discovery of forming a new relationship with one another.

Taking a step towards surety as it pertains to you family can be THE best move you can make in your and their lives.

Adult Benefits

Adults are less likely to abuse drugs/drink alcohol, mortality rates in men increase, have more motivation to increase average incomes, women are less likely to experience violence, community engagement potential is higher, more emotionally stable.

Children Benefits

Children benefit by increasing their of quality time with one or both parents, greater fiscal support, emotional stability, the ability to handle life challenges, and more.

Society Benefits

Future generations of more competent adults, strengthened institution of marriage, decrease in unexpected pregnancies, enhanced role of faith and religion, increased educational attainment, increased household incomes, Lower risk of emotional and mental health issues, decrease crime rates and substance abuse.

The Transcendent Parenting Project Advantage

Saving Time, Your Most Valuable Asset

At Transcendent Parenting Project, we mitigate all of the potential ills of having to “fight for rights to be parents” because your situation changes. We eliminate the costs of hiring lawyers & involving courts in family affairs that are meant to be handled from a soft-lines stance. Let our counseling team lead you to victory. We can help out with:

  • Health & Nutritional Resources
  • Financial Guidance
  • Educational Resources
  • Parenting Resources
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Since family counseling can be subjective; what works for one family doesn’t work for another, we catch the very communication that can be mistaken as too aggressive or passive-aggressive when the goal is to compromise and provide professional advice on best practices to approach problems should they arise. As we delve more into the family communication dynamic, we will discover the economic challenges that many families face. I am convinced that many family problems solely exist in communication styles. We can decipher these problems at their core. Correcting these misunderstandings before they manifest into bigger and more complex issues is where the biggest opportunity lies.

Please help us realize this solution by donating. With your help, continuous studies will help families today and tomorrow stay in contact with one another.